Architectural Metalwork

Your imagination is a weapon of mass construction. Lets use it

Robert Nageli

Working with architects within a project allows Ironman to meet the aesthetic design that the customer wants whilst remaining within the safety guidelines and meeting British Standards.

We manufacture using Stainless Steel, Glass, Nylon Coated, Powder Coasted, Bronze, Brass, Aluminium from specialised materials and coatings. Allowing us to meet any conditions whilst remaining cost-effective for our customers.

We believe in building strong and reliable relationships with our clients and have worked with many for over 5 years now, this has allowed us to build trust and get a reduced price due to our on going loyalty and support towards our suppliers

Remaining within all necessary safety guideline whilst still producing a modern and aesthetically pleasing product.

Contact Us

01494 524506

9 Tanners Drive, Blakelands, Milton Keynes MK14 5BU

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