We believe that attention to detail is crucial to the success of a project. Having the ability to visualise the end product before it is manufactured enables us to find cost-effective solutions for our customers.


Planning & Designing

Planning consists of considering all the various requirements and factors that will affect the dimensions and structure of the product. Several different alternatives will be analysed in order to find the best cost-effective solutions for our clients. The first thing we look at is making sure the function of the structure works, followed by any aesthetical needs from the client. Additionally, all standards will be met with the highest regard insuring that the structure follows all health and safety guidelines.

Detailed considerations for all possible designs are evaluated, and the most suitable proportions, dimensions and details of the structural elements are finalised. Allowing our client’s vision to come to life before they are manufactured.

Our workshop is fully equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and our skilled workforce is dedicated to guaranteeing a quality end product.

All projects are design-driven and Ironman provides a team that can deliver.

Our in-house design capabilities allow us to provide full service to our clients, from concept to installation. We provide 3D modelling, BIM and Structural Engineering, allowing us to work closely, and in detail with clients throughout this whole process. This ensures an end product that fully meets the requirements and eliminates potential problems in the future. Health and Safety are at the forefront of all design which helps the client fulfil their role and ensures safe installation. The workforce is able to fabricate and adopt specific requirements for our clients guaranteeing the highest standard and quality is provided.

Our management team have excelled on large scale projects across the UK and more exotic locations around the globe. Due to our adherence to industry standards, our committed approach to health & safety and our attention to detail in all aspects of our work. We believe Ironman Fabricators will go from strength to strength providing a quality service to our customers for years to come. Any modifications or potential oversights can often be avoided when the design is presented in a 3D realistic image of the structure as it will appear when fully manufactured

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